Sunday, 15 August 2010

Route To Excellence

Announcing the Route to Excellence
A series of 3 seminars about Career, Finance, Health and Relationships
Seminar 1 - Careers and Finance

This September…
Align your energy with certainty and security
Release doubt, worry and overwhelm
Re-connect with what you want and need

From UME Coaching with Dr Alex (Dr. Alejandro Cuellar)

Hello and welcome

Let us start by saying WELL DONE for taking action – it’s the ONLY way to get things done.

Whether you've reached a crossroads in your career, you're just getting started as a solopreneur, or you're the head of an international business, it's imperative that you have a clear idea of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

Is your future looking bright, certain and secure? Are you attracting what you want in your business and your life?

If not, reassessing what you really want and need is the place to start.

With everything you have to do to build and maintain a thriving business, it's easy to forget that whatever happens in your business is an exact reflection of what's going through your mind - your thoughts and your feelings.

You can get so trapped in being busy, busy, busy, that you try to fix problems through more busyness - instead of focusing on what you have to do - and doing it.

Here are the danger signs around a lack of future certainty and financial security...

Are you…

Working brutally long hours to keep up with an ever-expanding to do list… you may feel like you're running on a giant hamster wheel?

Putting so much time and energy into keeping going that you've lost touch with doing the work you love?

Feeling less confident and enthusiastic about your choice of work – were you really following what you wanted to do? Why isn't it easier?

Getting meager or mediocre results from all your efforts...wondering where all the great customers and increased income are?

Taking less and less time for your own well-being (spiritual, mental and physical) as you keep ploughing through projects that feel less and less satisfying?

Wondering how you're going to make it to the end of the month again when you're feeling there's additional pressure on your income?

If these danger signs sound familiar, you definitely need to take a step back and look at where you’re going and how you’re getting there.

Fortunately, it's easy to get yourself back on track – no matter how far off course you may have strayed, by taking the first step on the Route to Excellence and getting up close and personal with what you really want.

And once you return to the confidence and peacefulness of your connection to what you really want, you become a beacon drawing success and excellence to you.

Here's how...

You know you get more of what you focus on.

What we do when we aren't getting what we want in our work is to fall back on the "work harder," "work smarter," and "work endlessly" model that our culture promotes as the ideal.

But all that does is lead you down the path of worry and overwhelm – where you're actually less likely to get what you want.

I learned this for myself quite a few years ago when I was working for a multinational serviced office company.

The serviced office space industry in London where I worked entered a downturn and the business centres I was responsible for emptied alarmingly quickly and I stopped making any money.

In fear and panic, I threw myself into frantic action, contacting all the local businesses, networking like crazy, racking my brains for other creative and innovative stuff I could do, asking for referrals, raising the dead files, you name it, I did it.

The result of all these marvelous efforts? A big fat zero!

My stress levels were through the roof, though.

I can't remember another time in my life when I heard the sound of so many "No"'s reverberating in my ears.

Finally I gave up. Feeling helpless and powerless, I just let go.

I had been so concerned with what I thought everyone else wanted, I'd lost touch with what was important to me. So in letting go, I reconnected with my values.

It was amazing how quickly things turned around!

Suddenly I realized that I'd been trying far too hard to cope and do everything on my own, when what I really needed to do was let go, calm down and give myself a chance.

I stopped trying to fix my situation with desperate action and began to address it with what I really needed to do.

And one of the things I really needed to do was stop being so fearful.

Within a couple of weeks I started to notice a real difference.

Soon the business centres started to fill up again and in one month, I earned more than I had done in the previous 6 months - incredible!

I got a clear message: success isn't about frantic action. It's first and foremost about managing your energy - over which you have absolute control and this is something that I first learned with Dr Alex, Alejandro Cuellar, during my years in Spain.

If doubt, worry and overwhelm are and continue to be prevalent in your life or in your business during months or even years, it can feel like you'll never get your hope back. However...

You can return to optimism – more quickly than you might imagine.

In just one day, in fact.

We know, because we've seen it many times before, and Dr Alex has seen it almost every day during his 30 year+ career.

You don't need months or even weeks to make a shift - just a day and in many cases, even less.

We've put together a program built around four current areas of interest, two being dealt with on September 3rd, 2010.

The first area, about careers, your professional life and bringing certainty to your future will be covered in a single moring session and the second, about creating financial security for you and your family will be covered in the afternoon.

Announcing the Route to Excellence, Seminar 1 - Careers and Finance

Align your energy with success and excellence right now, this September, and be ready to take action and watch your future become more secure and certain throughout the rest of 2010.

Discover how to release the burden of discouraged, unproductive thinking quickly.

In the seminar you will discover how to create a future full of certainty, bringing security to you and your family, and you will leave with strategies and tools like GAP, SMART, CLEAR and PURE, getting clear about what you want in your professional life and how to achieve it.

The work you do could be a marvelous thing - understand that and it'll never feel the same to you again.

Why the Route to Excellence works:

Because you've read this far, I'm betting that you are looking for something that really works.

You may now be wondering if the Route to Excellence really can work for you.

It most definitely can. (In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction.)

But hesitation is understandable, so let me explain why people like you get such quick results from this series of seminars.

If you've been trying and trying and trying to get your life and business on track, here's the situation you may be in now...

You have to be aware that opportunities will come your way and you'll need to be open to them.

Saying yes nearly always involves doing something different: pushing yourself, making a commitment, stepping out of your comfort zone.

Because we like the idea of pushing ourselves much more than actually doing it, we don't quite grasp these opportunities wholeheartedly and the actual change we'd make by "doing" slips by us.

Many people view their job, their working life, in a cold manner. Business needs emotion. In the seminar we show you the power of action, because emotion is action in motion and from here you will draw your strength.

And as I mentioned, there's satisfaction guaranteed.

If you are not satisfied at all with this seminar, we'll gladly refund your money, no fuss, no nonsense and you will also get a free coaching session to address any difficulty that you may have.

THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL FRIDAY 20th August 2010 when you'll get £44 off the regular price of the ticket, plus you can bring a friend for only £15 extra AND your money back guarantee and a free coaching session.

Being bold and decisive has its rewards, reap yours now!


I am ready to:

- Clear confusion and doubt about my life and my business

- Release the stress over my most troubling challenge or obstacle

- Tap into inspiration and move forward with confidence, creating a future full of certainty and security for me and my family

- Understand the value I have to offer and believe in my vision to excel and succeed.

- Put action into motion by getting clear about what I really want.

I understand payment for the seminar includes:

- Entry to the first seminar of the Route to Excellence series (bring a friend for an additional £15)

- No-nonsense money back guarantee

- Plus a free coaching session to address any difficulty I may have.



Imagine the difference it makes to your success when you embrace hope, confidence and a completely transformed relationship to your business and your life

And you have our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

DON’T WAIT, BOOK TODAY. The link in the title "Route to Excellence" at the top of the page is completely secure to make certain of your place on the seminar and take the first step on YOUR Route to Excellence

Love who you are and enjoy what you do,

The Team from UME

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Do you know how to overcome the Crisis?

Allow me to ask you a question; do you think that The Crisis is only economic?

OK, now let me ask you another; is there anything that influences how the crisis is developing or maybe a lack of something?

In my view, I think that other internal and external factors exist that have caused the crisis. One of the more important external factors that has been and continues to be of influence is the lack of world leadership. A natural, an entrepreneur with vision who knows how to create and mark a new way forward doesn’t exist.

With reference to internal factors, the main one is the lack of values. I think we’ve lost touch with the values that give us reference, the ones that guide us to take on challenges and to know what our mission is.

Therefore, we don’t have an external reference to show us the way, a way that marks the trail, a new direction. We don’t have a leader as in other times that knows how to channel our wants, our dreams or to empower values.

And here is precisely the epicenter of the crisis, in these values. If a leader like this existed, would we know how to tell them what our values of importance are? Do we know what they are?

So, I’m currently reflecting on this; if I reconnect with what is important to me, with what makes life valuable for me, that which guides me internally, I will know how to find the solution, the exit for this situation that we call CRISIS.

And you, what do you think?



Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Are you doing what you have to now?

Hello, I’d like to talk to you about three cases that I’ve dealt with this week.

A woman said to me during a visit with me in my consultancy that she couldn’t continue and she didn’t know what to do, she had the sensation of being lost in a sea of doubt. After talking with her, she said she had been unemployed for 3 months and was claiming the equivalent of JSA (Job Seekers Allowance) and she was waiting for both a job to come up and that things change. I asked her why she was waiting and she answered with another question: what else can I do? As it turns out, this woman knew over 2 years ago that things were not going well for the company she was working for and they finished up letting everyone go, including her. During those two years, the only thing she did was wait for something to happen and for someone to offer her a job. And now she continues waiting for the situation to change. .

In the next case, a businessman came to my consultancy and complained about the situation right now, the Crisis, that the Spanish government isn’t doing anything, that people aren’t buying anything or spending any money etc. My question to him was: And what are you doing? Again the answer was similar: “I can’t do anything; the only thing I can do is wait for it all to pass”.

The third case went like this: I was in a shop with the idea of buying some things that I needed for my work. One of the shop assistants was occupied with some boxes and the other was doing nothing except looking out of the window. I went up to her and asked her if she had what I wanted. She looked at me and she said that what I wanted was in the part of the shop that the other girl dealt with and that I should ask her.

These three people were not doing what they had to do. Two were waiting for things to happen and the third thought that the shop wasn’t anything to do with her.

This reminds me of the story of Taisen Deshimaru, a Japanese monk who introduced Zen to Europe.

Taisen Deshimaru travelled all over China to find a Zen master who would teach him and help him to find enlightenment. After many years of study in varius monastries without discovering what he wanted, he decided to return to Japan.

During the return journey, he met a very old monk who was working drying mushrooms in the scorching sun. Taisen Deshimaru asked him why he didn’t leave that work for the younger monks.

The monk replied, “It’s what I have to do.”

Taisen Deshimaru made the observation that the monk was indeed very old to be working in such heat and that if he didn’t want the younger monks to do the work that at least he wait until the heat from the sun was less intense.

The old monk looked at him and said, “I am not the others and I can’t wait for others to do my work nor can I wait until tomorrow to do it. Maybe the sun won’t be hot enough tomorrow to dry the mushrooms and today, now, is the moment.”

Taisen Deshimaru stopped dead and then suddenly understood the meaning behind the words and that old monk had shown him what he’d been looking for all this time.

So, I always ask myself:

“Am I doing what I have to do?”



Wednesday, 4 August 2010

HSBC have just made £7bn - wouldn't it be great if it was like that for the rest of us?

Have you seen the news this week?

HSBC have just made £7bn for the first 6 months of this year and that £1.32bn of that was generated by the UK.? Not that I think that making money is a bad thing - it's one of the reasons why I'm in business after all, aren't you? But life for HSBC seems certain and secure - wouldn't it be great if it was like that for the rest of us?

I found myself out of a job last year and was forced to moved countries and start again. Frankly, I thought I needed a miracle to sort me out and I wasn't that hopeful! I found myself wishing for 3 things:

a) Job satisfaction
b) Future certainty and
c) Financial security for me and my family
I'm betting that my 3 wishes are not that much different to yours, whatever your current situation.

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got" is an old adage that had been ringing in my ears, so I did something different and counter-intuitive and spent £35 on a one day seminar.

I dislike those claims of "It really changed my life!" as it sounds sensationalistic and "Sh#t from China", as my dad would say (far fetched!), however, I was surprised at how much of a difference it did make. As a result, my 3 wishes have been granted and the only miracle that happened was in my head.

The seminar gives you what you need to grant your 3 wishes and, at the risk of sounding like Victor Kyam from the Remmington shavers adverts (giving my age away now!) "I was so impressed I bought the company!" Well, I didn't buy the company but I am investing my time in sharing what worked for me with others like you.

Whether you're in or out of work, this is a fantastic value seminar that makes all the difference to have certainty a daily factor of your job or your business, not by starting a new career necessarily like I did, unless you want to, but by injecting new life into the one you've got and bring that all important freedom from money worries. How? Come and find out for yourself - you'll be really surprised at how simple the answer is.

They'll even give you your money back in the highly unlikely event that you didn't leave feeling more certain and more secure and that's one of the reasons I went in the first place as even £35 I didn't have to throw away.

for yourself, your friends, family, colleagues and/or employees at the Hilton Hotel, Leeds on 3rd September 2010 and discover what I did, that you don't need to be HSBC to be certain and secure.

£35 per person
No-nonsense, Money-back guarantee
What do you have to lose, uncertainty and insecurity? Who doesn't want to lose those?

Saturday, 26 June 2010

September programme dates

Due to popular demand... we have added a September programme

Tickets are selling fast, so book early to avoid disappointment!

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